Unique, thoughtful, meticulously designed weddings and parties.

But cleaner, greener and healthier.

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We are Luminosa, a sustainable event design company based in east London, UK.

Our approach is simple: we create unique, thoughtful and meticulously designed weddings and parties that are cleaner, greener and healthier.

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Following the seasons


Straddling Walthamstow marshes, one of London’s largest and most beautiful wild spaces, we are influenced by all it offers. We forage its fruits, berries and leaves and harvest its wild flowers and seedheads when they are past their bloom.

But most importantly, we are constantly reminded and draw inspiration from the simple beauty of the changing of the seasons.












Our services

We offer a complete planning, design and management service for weddings and special events, drawing upon our team’s decades of experience in event management, styling, design and catering.

What makes us different is the attention we give to ensuring that we prioritise approaches that are both ethical and have a positive environmental impact. Our promise is that your special celebration will be both original and sustainable.