Our ethos

We may as well be upfront; we do things a little differently. We aim to challenge the status quo in event design. We live in a time of ever-greater consumption, and the event industry is too often a reflection of this, with huge energy demands, food waste and throwaway props and sets. Don't get us wrong, major celebrations deserve extraordinary food, beautiful styling and special details. But we believe that wonderful events can be created in a way that considers the responsibility we all have to improving our environmental impact without losing any of the wow factor.

In all that we do, we aim to be environmentally aware, sharing our goal of contributing to an economy that respects the value of products, builds to last and keeps resources in circulation, by reusing and recycling, and focusing on reducing and minimising waste.

What we do

We work with the seasons. We invest in timeless products that are designed and intended to last and be reused. We refashion and adapt products that have had a previous purpose. We invest in local businesses, working with local makers and designers. We forage, we dry, we preserve. We think ‘nose to tail’ when it comes to food and we're militant about local, seasonal, organic and minimising food miles. Wherever possible we work with venues and suppliers who power their activity with renewable energy and we constantly look for ways to improve the efficiency of our own energy use. 


Our people

Miriam Dembach | After studying fashion journalism and media communication, Miriam worked as a fashion editor for well-known magazines in Germany and Switzerland before moving to London to pursue a career as a freelance stylist and writer. Having produced outstanding fashion imagery and styling for publications like Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and Vogue, she has recently also ventured into sustainable floral arrangements and is our in-house florist.


Lucy Lee | Lucy trained in visual communications and public health, and has since forged a career in design for social good. She’s developed national social marketing campaigns in the Pacific, created brands for charities and social enterprises, and produced communication tools for global online research communities. Through all of her work, she has planned and delivered stunning events for diverse audiences and now takes a decade of experience, a passion for reuse and a commitment to reducing our environmental impact to create unique, sustainable celebrations.


Sara Lee | Sara is the founder and head chef of our partner Sartirana & Lee. Since training at Leiths School of Cookery and working as head of pastry production for Ottolenghi and in the kitchens of Margot Henderson’s Rochelle Canteen, she started her own company in 2014. Throughout the last decade she has worked across London and throughout Europe planning and delivering events focused on celebrating with exceptional food. Sartirana & Lee believe that great food must begin with great ingredients, and that we have a responsibility to make use of every part of what we source, keeping waste to an absolute minimum.